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Wet n Wild Blazed Konad

Hi, I got two Wet n Wild’s for on sale for .99 cents, this one and the one from the last post. I like this one more, probably because I love coral polishes!

Wet n Wild Blazed

And added a design from plate m69(I need to get some more plates!) with Konad pink polish

I like how this one turned out!

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Wet n Wild Bar-B

This is Wet n Wild Bar-B. It’s a cute shimmery pink.

I added a pattern from plate m69 in Konad black polish however it didn’t turn out very well and got smeared when I applied a top coat, so I didn’t take pictures of it.

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Wet n Wild Shine Eggplant Frost

I got a couple of nail polishes for my birthday from a girl at work, and I tried this one because, well I like purple! (The picture turned out too dark)

I applied a full nail design from plate m69 with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lovely Lilac. It was my first try at a full nail pattern, so I didn’t align it very good, and it didn’t cover the top part. I tried to do it again to fill the empty spots but again I didn’t align it well so the index and middle finger got a little messed up.

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