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Orly Bailamos

This is Bailamos from last year Orly’s summer collection. It’s a teal turquoise shimmer, so pretty!

And this is what I was wearing when I got my Crackles, so I added a coat of Black Mesh on top, I was in the car and tested it really quick so the only one I liked was my index finger. But I liked the color combination!

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Turquoise & Caicos And A Grape Fit!

I wore these two in the last few days, first is Essie Turquoise & Caicos:

This is a really pretty turquoise color! I only did two coats, I think it needed a third one to be opaque and avoid vnl but I got impatient and only did two 😛
Still, I think it’s gorgeous!

And this OPI A Grape Fit! I love all purples, and this is lovely one!

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