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Pink Wednesday! – Fail!

It’s Wednesday today, so I did my pink mani, and it was a total fail :/. Let’s see why:

I started with Nubar Pink Lily

First of all, I think this color looks bad on me, maybe it’s too stark with my skin (does that make sense?), but something looks off. I like the color, but my skin looks..dirty? I’m not sure what it is but I see something wrong with it!
Also, I couldn’t apply this right, it was streaky and uneven and didn’t cover well.

I should have just changed my polish but I thought I would try wearing it for a while anyway and added some stamping.
And this is what happened:

I used konads pink polish and a BM plate, I messed up my ring and pinky, it’s the first time I tried a French tip stamp, obviously I need more practice! I also added a coat of CND effects Amethyst Sparkle to try and make it prettier but I don’t think it worked.
Here’s a closer look at one that didn’t turn out so bad, You can see a bit of the sparkle here.

So next time, when something doesnt look good at the beginning I should just start over!

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Nubar Reclaim

This is Nubar Reclaim and it’s amazing!! It’s my first Nubar too, I wish they had more holos like this one!
I took several pictures because I thought this polish deserved it!

So pretty!!

I love having rainbows on my nails!

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