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OPI Planks a Lot with Milani Purple Gleam

Hello! I’m back from my wedding/honeymoon/house-buying and everything else! 😀

This is OPI Planks a Lot from their new POTC collection:

Pretty dusty purple!

And I added some lines using tape and Milani Purple Gleam:

First time I tried something like this, it’s not perfect but I’m ok with it, my SV started bubbling though, not sure why.

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China Glaze Pelican Gray with Milani Silver Dazzle

Hello! This is China Glaze Pelican Gray with the tips in Milani Silver Dazzle from their One Coat Glitters, it took me a while to track these down, but finally found this one, the blue and purple one which were the ones I wanted.
I used tape to do the tips but didn’t wait long enough for Pelican Gray to dry so it’s not very crisp and smudgey, not as good as I hoped.

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Milani Dude Blue with China Glaze Atlantis

I tried to do a gradient with more coats of Atlantis at the tips, but I’m not sure if the pictures show it very much. Still, it’s so pretty and sparkly!!

We finally got our house a month ago and I’ve been really busy with wedding stuff, and moving/fixing up the house, I didn’t have internet for about a month and my laptop is almost dying, so haven’t been able to post but I’ll try to post my recent manis.

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Milani Hi-Tech

I’ve had a rough month between moving, working crazy hours, being sick and the horrible weather we’ve been having. So I blame the packing/unpacking and the winter for the my nails, hands and cuticles not being in good shape.
Anyway, I wanted something bright and happy on my nails since it’s so dark and gloomy out here and I decided on Milani Hi-Tech, it’s a very pretty holographic green.

It definitely brightened up my mood, and the holo really comes out in the sunlight! 😀

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NOTD: Milani Metal Gear

Again I did my nails and rushed out before they were dry so I got lots of dents and smudges. Here it is anyway, Milani Metal Gear. I wanted to get more colors from this collection, but my CVS only had this one and Melt with U left when I found them.

And a close up shot because the color it’s still pretty, despite my bad application! 😛

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Milani Cyberspace

I got my first holo the other day, Milani Cyberspace, and of course after trying it I want more!

I love it! I don’t know why I didn’t get this sooner! I did two coats, probably should have done three because it still looked a bit sheer in some spots, but it didn’t bother me too much so I left it with two. Here are some more pictures 😀

And a close up shot:

After a couple of days, I added a polka dot BM design with Zoya Yummy:

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