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Orly/China Glaze/DS & Helmer

I got several new polishes this past week. I received my order in the mail:

First row: Cashmere Cardigan, Green Apple, Mint Mojito, Prisma Gloss Silver, LOL, BFF, TMI, IDK, 2NITE, L8R G8R, TTYL, Rated Holographic
Second row: Pixy Stix, Lollipop, Gumdrop, Cotton Candy, Snowcone, Bailamos, 2030, Millennium, Strawberry Fields
Third row is some drugstore polishes I just got: Milani Hi-Res, Metal Gear, Melt With U, WnW Kaleidoscope, Confetti Ice Ice Baby, LA Colors (forgot the name and it’s not in the bottle).
And it’s not nail polish but I got my lipgloss and pigments from Urban Decay the same day so I included it in the picture.

And I also got a Helmer a couple of weeks ago:

I was so proud when I put it together on my own(except for the wheels, my dad did that!), and didn’t break any nails. I was sure I was going to!
I plan on covering it with stickers and magnets 😀

Here is my nail polish drawer:

All my polishes fit in one drawer (I haven’t added the new ones I just got though), so I’m also using it for all my other makeup stuff. I love it, it’s so cute! 😀

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