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Pink Wednesday: Pink Sponging

Today I just have a quick iPhone pic (also I’m posting this from my phone so I hope it works), because I’m not feeling too good and I’m exhausted, I didn’t sleep until 4:30am and woke at 6:30, I just got back from work so all I want to do is go to bed.

I wanted to try sponging with three different pinks in a gradient and this is how it came out:

I used Orly Lollipop for the base, then I sponged OPI Sparrow Me the Drama on top and sponged the tips with Essie Big Spender. It was fun but I need more practice!
Also, what is that black string on my ring finger? I didn’t see it until after I applied top coat so I’m sure it came from my SV brush! It really bothers me but it was too late to redo that nail. Silly SV!

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Pink Wednesday: Essie Super Bossa Nova with Haute Metal

Hello and happy Wednesday! For my pink nails today, I put on two coats of Essie Super Bossa Nova

It was really pigmented so I could have done one coat, but I always do two. I love this pink, it’s bright but not neon, and has lots of purple fuchsia shimmer!

Look at all the shimmer:

And then I added a coat of China Glaze Haute Metal:

I really like this week’s Pink Wednesday!! 🙂

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Pink Wednesday!

Today I’m doing my first Pink Wednesday mani.
I chose Essie Your Hut or Mine:

It’s a pink with a bit of coral and golden shimmer. Lovely! The formula was great and it applied in two coats.

And then just for fun I added some polka dots with Essie Absolutely Shore on my ring finger:

It was the first time I tried this so it’s less than perfect and my SV bubbled and smudged one dot :/
I still like it and think it’s a fun mani(although I may end up redoing that finger)! 🙂

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Essie Coat Azure

I didn’t really plan any holiday manicures for the 4th of July, and I knew I wouldn’t have much time today, so I did my nails with Essie Coat Azure, which is blue, so it counts right?
Anyway, Happy 4th!

Essie Coat Azure

I think the picture is a little lighter than in person. I did two coats but one thick coat would probably be fine.

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China Glaze Metal Crackle skittles

I went to Sally’s and they had an almost full display of the metallic crackles! I picked up Latticed Lilac, Haute Metal, and Oxidized Aqua. I tried them over my current Essie Braziliant mani I posted earlier.

Oxidized Aqua, Haute Metal, Latticed Lilac, Oxidized Aqua

And this is my right hand:

Oxidized Aqua, Haute Metal, Latticed Lilac, Oxidized Aqua

I really like these crackles! I did thin coats and they applied and crackled well. Haute Metal and Latticed Lilac look very similar in the pictures but they are different in person. Since these are a little paler/lighter and not as bold as creme crackles I think they would look better over a bright colored polish. I think they all look good over Braziliant, my favorite is Oxidized Aqua! 🙂

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NOTD: Essie Braziliant

Hello, today I have another Essie from their summer collection, it’s the collection’s namesake, Braziliant.

It’s a bright orange (not neon) with pink shimmer, I don’t think the shimmer comes through in the picture, it’s more obvious in the bottle than in the nail. I did two coats, the formula was a little thick but not too bad.

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Essie Smooth Sailing and why I love it so much…

I got Smooth Sailing and a few others a while ago at Rite Aid, when they were having their sale on Essies. I remember the cashier said, wow that must be good polish! (in a nice way) when I dumped the handful of polishes on the counter. And I said YES!! They are awesome! Ok, I didn’t say it like that but I was thinking it! I really love my Essies, they last forever on me and haven’t had any problems with any of them so far.

Anyway, this is Smooth Sailing, and it’s beautiful!!

See how pretty? With it’s lovely blue base color and the sparkly silver shimmer! So so pretty! I think it’s obvious that I’m in love with this color, it has quickly become one of my favorites, I think I’ll have to get a backup! 🙂
And I couldn’t choose a picture so there’s lots!

And a closer shot:

And even though I thought it couldn’t get any better, after a few days I added CND Sapphire Sparkle on top, and it turned into this!

(sorry about the tipwear, I’d been wearing this for a while!)

My pictures don’t really show how sparkly and beautiful this turned out, it flashed purple, blue and silver 😀

I loved this combination!

Anyway, I’m really glad I picked this one up and I enjoyed wearing it so much!

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Essie Haute As Hello

This is Haute As Hello from Essie’s Summer collection. I love the color, but I’m not sure I like the satin-y finish on this one. I used a top coat anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter that much. 😀

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Essie Playa del Platinum

This is Essie Playa del Platinum from their Resort collection.

Love this color! I almost didn’t get it but decided to get the four colors in the collection anyway, and I’m glad I did because I’ve tried all four now and they are all lovely! 😀

And after a couple of days I added some nail decals on top:

Here is a closer look at the decals:

I liked how this turned out, and it lasted for days! I finally changed it because I wanted to try a new color and the decals were starting to fall out, but the polish stayed perfect! 😀

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Essie Pretty Edgy

I passed on this color a couple of weeks ago when I was in Ulta. Since then, I’ve seen lots of pictures of it and was regretting not getting it. I stopped by the beauty store the other day and got this one and an OPI. I’m so glad I got it!

This is a gorgeous green! 😀 It applied well too, I did three thin coats, but I think two thicker ones would be fine too. So pretty, it’s bright but not too bright, it’s just perfect! I’ve had it for a few days and I have some tip wear but I still don’t want to change it!

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