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Color Club Revvvolution

I had a really hard time photographing this one, the sun hides every time I wear a holo so that didn’t help!
I tried but these pictures do not make this polish justice:

I used two coats and it was opaque. It’s awesome!

And a close up that kind of shows the pretty holo:

I will have to try this one again, and get some better pictures. I’m not sure if this is the good holo version, or one of the duds but I love it either way! 😀

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Wild at Heart with Black Tips

I wanted to get a couple of more days out of this one so I used tape and added black tips to cover the tip wear:

I couldn’t find my scotch tape so I tried using the blue painters tape but it didn’t work and I messed up my index finger. I had to redo it after I found the regular tape. I really like this purple/black combination! 🙂

And here are bonus pictures of my kitty!

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Holo Saturday!!

Hello! It’s nice and warm and sunny today so I thought it would be a great day for a holo! 😀

This is one I just got, Color Club Wild At Heart

Gorgeous holographic purple! I couldn’t help taking lots of pictures!

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With Abandon and Hidden Treasure

This is an old manicure (that’s why my nails are so long!), I found a folder in my laptop with pictures from a while ago that I never uploaded. So I’ll be posting some previous manis.

This is Color Club With Abandon:

This is two coats. It’s a dark brown/black base with brown gold glitter.

And then I added SH Hidden Treasure, and it looks so amazing that I took a lot of pictures!

It flashes gold, orange and green! So gorgeous! 😀

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Color Club Fashion Addict

I’m really behind on posting pictures, I have been busy with work and wedding planning!

Anyway, this is Color Club Fashion Addict. I loved it so much I took lots of pictures.

And close up shot:

It’s lovely in the sunlight, and lasted more than the other CC colors I’ve tried, which is great because I was ready to give up on that brand! 😀

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Color Club NOTD

I wanted a purple mani and to do some stamping, so I came up with this:

I used CC Pucci-licious and a BM design with CC Fashion Addict. The holo in the stamp looked very pretty in the sunlight and I like this star design, but I had such a hard time applying Pucci-licious that I’m not too pleased with how this turned out. I just couldn’t get it work, it was all streaky and smudgey, so it looks awful, I think CC and I don’t get along 😦
But anyway, I still enjoyed looking at the holo stars in the sun!

Two more pictures:

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Color Club Pucci-licious!

This is my current mani, Color Club Pucci-licious!

It’s much more purple in person, but all the pictures turned out blue-ish. I love the color though, very pretty purple creme. However, I got a big chip on my thumb the morning after I did this and some other small chips during the next day. When I had Oh Naturale a few days ago I got chips within two days too. Maybe CC’s just don’t last very long on me, oh well I still like the color so I’ll probably wear it often anyway!

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OPI Green-wich Village with HT

OPI Green-wich Village, I really love this color, I think it’s beautiful!!

And after two days I didn’t want to take it off yet so I added Hidden Treasure on top:

So sparkly! It looks really good over green 🙂

And this is Color Club Oh Naturale that I was wearing before:

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