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Pink Wednesday: China Glaze Rich & Famous with CND Effects

Hello! It’s Wednesday again and that means we wear pink!

For today’s mani I used China Glaze Rich & Famous, this is my go to pink, it’s bright and pretty without being a neon (which I don’t think look good on me), dries quick, and the formula is nice and smooth!
I did two coats here and could still see a bit of vnl, but it’s not too bad. And I added a coat of CND Effects Amethyst Sparkle


(sorry about the cat hair on my middle finger, it’s everywhere!!)


And a closer shot to see the sparkle:

I love the CND Effects, so pretty! 🙂

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Pink Wednesday! – Fail!

It’s Wednesday today, so I did my pink mani, and it was a total fail :/. Let’s see why:

I started with Nubar Pink Lily

First of all, I think this color looks bad on me, maybe it’s too stark with my skin (does that make sense?), but something looks off. I like the color, but my skin looks..dirty? I’m not sure what it is but I see something wrong with it!
Also, I couldn’t apply this right, it was streaky and uneven and didn’t cover well.

I should have just changed my polish but I thought I would try wearing it for a while anyway and added some stamping.
And this is what happened:

I used konads pink polish and a BM plate, I messed up my ring and pinky, it’s the first time I tried a French tip stamp, obviously I need more practice! I also added a coat of CND effects Amethyst Sparkle to try and make it prettier but I don’t think it worked.
Here’s a closer look at one that didn’t turn out so bad, You can see a bit of the sparkle here.

So next time, when something doesnt look good at the beginning I should just start over!

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Essie Smooth Sailing and why I love it so much…

I got Smooth Sailing and a few others a while ago at Rite Aid, when they were having their sale on Essies. I remember the cashier said, wow that must be good polish! (in a nice way) when I dumped the handful of polishes on the counter. And I said YES!! They are awesome! Ok, I didn’t say it like that but I was thinking it! I really love my Essies, they last forever on me and haven’t had any problems with any of them so far.

Anyway, this is Smooth Sailing, and it’s beautiful!!

See how pretty? With it’s lovely blue base color and the sparkly silver shimmer! So so pretty! I think it’s obvious that I’m in love with this color, it has quickly become one of my favorites, I think I’ll have to get a backup! 🙂
And I couldn’t choose a picture so there’s lots!

And a closer shot:

And even though I thought it couldn’t get any better, after a few days I added CND Sapphire Sparkle on top, and it turned into this!

(sorry about the tipwear, I’d been wearing this for a while!)

My pictures don’t really show how sparkly and beautiful this turned out, it flashed purple, blue and silver 😀

I loved this combination!

Anyway, I’m really glad I picked this one up and I enjoyed wearing it so much!

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Valentine’s Day Nails

I’m late posting this, but I didn’t have my laptop with me yesterday so I’m doing it today!

This is two coats of OPI Do You Think Think I’m Tex-y?, then I stamped a heart design from a BM and put a coat of CND Amethyst Sparkle on top.

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