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Pink Wednesday: Essie Super Bossa Nova with Haute Metal

Hello and happy Wednesday! For my pink nails today, I put on two coats of Essie Super Bossa Nova

It was really pigmented so I could have done one coat, but I always do two. I love this pink, it’s bright but not neon, and has lots of purple fuchsia shimmer!

Look at all the shimmer:

And then I added a coat of China Glaze Haute Metal:

I really like this week’s Pink Wednesday!! 🙂

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Finger Paints Peaceful Purple

Hello! It’s so hot out today I just want to stay in my room with the AC on! Luckily I’m done working for the day and hopefully I don’t have to drive anywhere else today.
Anyway, here is something sparkly for this sunny day, Finger Paints Peaceful Purple:

This is between 2-3 coats, and my camera messes up purples so just imagine this more purple and less blue.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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Pink Wednesday: China Glaze 3D Fantasy

It’s Pink Wednesday again! Today I tried a scattered holo from China Glaze Tronica collection. And of course today the sun didn’t want to come out!

3D Fantasy

I like the color, reddish pink with a bit of coral, but I don’t see much holo 😦

3D Fantasy

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for looking! 🙂

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China Glaze Grape Pop and Chunky Holo Black

Hello! I recently got Grape Pop and since I’m a purple lover, I couldn’t wait to give it a try:

Beautiful!! I think this just became my favorite purple! It’s a bright deep purple creme, much more purple than it looks in my pictures, my camera kept turning this blue. I did two coats, because that’s what I normally do but this could easily be a one coater.

And I also got some Kleancolors so I layered Chunky Holo Black on top

This looks so pretty and it flashes so many different colors like gold, orange, green! I can’t wait to try it over different colors. Several pictures because I couldn’t pick just one!

A blurry one to show all the different colors and sparkles! 😀

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China Glaze 108 Degrees and Silver Shatter

This is the last of the polishes I got from China Glaze Island Escape collection, and like the other two I love this one as well!

Lovely bright pink in that glass fleck shimmery finish that’s I love! This was 2-3 coats.

And a closer look

After a couple of days I added OPI Silver Shatter

I loved this combo, so sparkly and pretty!! 😀

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My Harry Potter nails!

So I’m a huge HP obsessed person, and I think anyone who know me knows this too by now. I went to see Deathly Hallows at midnight, and since it’s the last time I did a HP themed mani:

I did the house colors in each nail. I used tape but was too impatient and I didn’t wait until the base color was completely dry so it’s a little messy. For Gryffindor I used Essie Limited Addiction and China Glaze 2030, Slytherin was OPI Jade is the New Black and China Glaze Millennium, Ravenclaw was China Glaze First Mate and I didn’t have any bronze colors so I used 2030 again, and for Hufflepuff I realized I don’t have any yellow cremes so I used China Glaze Lighthouse and Sinful Colors Black on Black.

And this is my thumb:

Lighting bolt using the Gryffindor colors.

Overall, I was happy with how it turned out even though I did this in a rush and it’s not perfect.

The movie was awesome! I’m always bothered with the changes they make in the movies but I know by now that it has to be expected and I don’t take it too seriously anymore. This way I was able to really enjoy the movie! I will probably go see it again while it’s still out in theaters but it’s a little sad that there won’t be another midnight Harry Potter opening 😦

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Pink Wednesday! – Fail!

It’s Wednesday today, so I did my pink mani, and it was a total fail :/. Let’s see why:

I started with Nubar Pink Lily

First of all, I think this color looks bad on me, maybe it’s too stark with my skin (does that make sense?), but something looks off. I like the color, but my skin looks..dirty? I’m not sure what it is but I see something wrong with it!
Also, I couldn’t apply this right, it was streaky and uneven and didn’t cover well.

I should have just changed my polish but I thought I would try wearing it for a while anyway and added some stamping.
And this is what happened:

I used konads pink polish and a BM plate, I messed up my ring and pinky, it’s the first time I tried a French tip stamp, obviously I need more practice! I also added a coat of CND effects Amethyst Sparkle to try and make it prettier but I don’t think it worked.
Here’s a closer look at one that didn’t turn out so bad, You can see a bit of the sparkle here.

So next time, when something doesnt look good at the beginning I should just start over!

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