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China Glaze Pelican Gray with Milani Silver Dazzle

Hello! This is China Glaze Pelican Gray with the tips in Milani Silver Dazzle from their One Coat Glitters, it took me a while to track these down, but finally found this one, the blue and purple one which were the ones I wanted.
I used tape to do the tips but didn’t wait long enough for Pelican Gray to dry so it’s not very crisp and smudgey, not as good as I hoped.

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Milani Dude Blue with China Glaze Atlantis

I tried to do a gradient with more coats of Atlantis at the tips, but I’m not sure if the pictures show it very much. Still, it’s so pretty and sparkly!!

We finally got our house a month ago and I’ve been really busy with wedding stuff, and moving/fixing up the house, I didn’t have internet for about a month and my laptop is almost dying, so haven’t been able to post but I’ll try to post my recent manis.

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