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First Post!

Hello! I was looking through some wedding websites/blogs a couple of months ago, and I found links to some beauty and make up blogs. I clicked on them and as I was looking through the posts I found some pictures of manicures with designs made with Konad. I was interested so I looked into it, and that’s how I found there are so many nail polish blogs, I was amazed at all the information and all the knowledgeable and talented ladies out there. I’ll admit that besides picking a bottle of nail polish at my local drugstore every once in a while, I never thought much about my nails. I would paint my nails and they would chip after a day or two, so I wouldn’t bother with them anymore. But know that I see how great nails can look and how many options there, I’d like to experiment and try new stuff and make my nails look good. And that’s why I decided to start this blog!

I got a Konad kit a couple of weeks ago and this is my first Konadicure:

I apologize for the crappy picture, and mostly for my hands being all dry and rough. I had a lot of files on my desk at work, and I took the picture after a day of filing(which always includes rough skin and papercuts for me). And the cold weather didn’t help either.

Anyway, I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Petal Pusher for the base color with Konad M2. I was pleased with how it turned out for being the first time. M2 is the plate that came with my kit, so it’s the only one I have, but I just ordered another couple of plates. I can’t wait for them to get here so I can start playing with more designs!


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